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About Hodiau!



Hello everybody, My name is Hodiau a brand created by a super awesome weird person. I don’t like my creator, he could make me better, but he don’t. Me and my creator are a dreamer, Excellent dreamer. We always make a slow step of progress everyday to reach our dream. The better world! just kidding, we don’t care about that neither care about you. We do what we love and passion drive our life. Why not? nothing to lose. You should too! And go f*cking chase your dream! ACTION!

Hodiau Profile

Do you see my stats? He could make me better! Grrrrr! My f*cking damn creator! Why don't you made me stronger! Stupid! moron! person. I hate you! Wait and see, I will slowly progressing and sh*t on you. Don't you dare to begs me when the time come.

(creator:hey! I am reading this)

Ops! I don't care....................

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